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Federal Design

We specialize in supporting and strengthening the mission of our armed forces, national leadership, and nation’s security.

We create innovative, specialized facilities and spaces with robust infrastructure and security requirements.

Our clients’ goals, expectations, and needs provide the foundation for every project we complete together. We work collaboratively and strategically with our clients in U.S. government agencies to deliver innovative and sustainable facilities and spaces that support the sensitive, 24/7 nature of their missions. We provide comprehensive planning, architecture, and engineering design, design-build project delivery and management consulting for the challenging and evolving requirements of our government agencies throughout the United States, Europe, the Atlantic, and the Pacific Rim.

For more than 100 years we have proudly served those who serve our nation.

Our work reflects a profound understanding of the importance of fiscal-year and project budgets, achieving design objectives and timely project execution, uncompromised quality requirements, strict responsiveness to user needs, best-value solutions, mandated procurement and execution procedures, integrated facility and personnel security, realizable sustainability goals, non-negotiable schedules, and the inherent stewardship of taxpayer investments.

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Benham’s long history of supporting federal projects continues today as part of the 澳门足彩app family of brands. Benham was acquired by 澳门足彩app in 2016.

Federal Design
Federal Design

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